Read at Your Own Risk


Forgive me, please, while I rant a little bit about college football.

  • The BCS is downright pissing me off. I’m sorry, but I think it is the most ridiculous way to decide a national champion, and even to decide who plays for the national championship. My problem is that it’s built around two human polls, which means that the two best teams in the country are entirely based on opinion. It does take into account computer rankings (which is stupid if you ask me), but it is far too subjective for my taste. You want to be considered national champion? Fine. Then you can go through a playoff schedule and beat some of the better teams in the country and prove that you are the best. I know schools like the money that the bowl system brings in, and that’s fine. You can give bowl games to the teams that don’t make the playoffs and are .500 and over. But the only way, in my opinion, to decide a true national champion is to go to a playoff system. Too bad this is never, ever going to happen.
  • Speaking of which… let me paint you a picture of 2007. My Dawgs had won 7 straight games to end the season, but were left out of the SEC championship against LSU because Tennessee held the tie-breaker in the East due to their 35-14 win in Knoxville. (Still pisses me off that they won the last game of the season against Kentucky in 4 overtimes to secure that spot in the title game.) Heading into the weekend of the SEC championship, the BCS top 7: 1. Missouri (11-1), 2. West Virginia (10-1), 3. Ohio State (11-1), 4. Georgia (10-2), 5. Kansas (11-1), 6. Virginia Tech (10-2), 7. LSU (10-2). Missouri and West Virginia lost that weekend. So you would think, logically, that Ohio State and Georgia would move up to the 1 & 2 spots, right? Wrong. Georgia actually dropped a spot and was jumped by Oklahoma (#4), Virginia Tech (#3), and LSU (#2). Why? Because those three teams won their conferences. Georgia was jumped and unable to play for a national title that, if you ask me, they would have won, because they didn’t win their conference. Fast forward to 2011. Why, now, are you telling me that even if Georgia beats LSU this weekend, LSU (who will not have won their conference) will still get to play for the national title against an Alabama team who not only did not win their conference, but didn’t even win their division? How on earth does that make any sense? Even if they are the two best teams in the country, when you set a precedent, it’s only fair that you be consistent.
  • Speaking of which… I am so sick of hearing about how the outcome of the SEC championship doesn’t matter, because LSU is going to play for the national championship either way. I understand why; they’re so strong in the polls and in the computers and so far ahead of #3 Oklahoma State that there’s almost no way they’ll fall below #2. But that doesn’t mean the SEC championship doesn’t matter. In case you haven’t noticed, there are two teams playing for the championship. I know everyone just assumes LSU’s going to come out and whoop some tail, but I don’t believe that. This game matters to the Dawgs, and the players are getting a little bit irked about it. It’s a matter of respect if you ask me. The fact that everyone is brushing off this game just because it doesn’t matter to LSU is almost insulting.
  • Speaking of which… I can’t even tell you how angry it makes me that we have not moved up the past few weeks. In the past three weeks, we’ve beaten two ranked teams and yet we have not moved up at all. I mean, look at the two-loss teams that are in front of us. Four out of those five teams were beat by teams that weren’t (and probably still aren’t) ranked. #9 Oregon lost to an unr,anked (ineligible, but the computers don’t take that into account) USC. #10 Oklahoma lost to Texas Tech, who then proceeded to lose their last 5 games. #12 South Carolina lost to Auburn when they were unranked. #13 Michigan State lost to an unranked Notre Dame team earlier in the season. And there we sit at #14. (Need I mention that Michigan State jumped us after beating unranked Northwestern, while we crushed a ranked Georgia Tech team?) I will now remind you that BOTH TEAMS GEORGIA LOST TO ARE RANKED IN THE TOP 12 — #7 Boise State and #12 South Carolina. So how on earth are those teams in front of us?
  • Speaking of which… Nobody is giving my Dawgs a shot in this game. LSU is favored by 13 points, but you’d think they’re favored by 30 with the way people are talking about it. It’s like there’s not even another team playing, and it’s ridiculous. You cannot discount the fact that Georgia has won 10 straight games. Yeah, the competition wasn’t as stiff as LSU’s. Yeah, there have been times when we haven’t exactly looked impressive. But we are playing with a confidence and a focus right now that you cannot discount. And I can guarantee you, those Dawgs are going to come out with a major chip on their shoulder because nobody is predicting that they will win this game. I won’t be surprised and I won’t be upset if we lose. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we win, either. I’m just saying, as Jeff Schultz pointed out, we have more than a puncher’s chance in this game. If LSU wins, fine. They’re the #1 team in the country, and they’ve proved that they’ve earned it. But if they lose… my Dawgs will finally get the respect that I think they deserve.
  • Bandwagon fans and fans that are cocky, arrogant, disrespectful and insulting probably make me more angry than anything. You can be proud of your team without insulting other teams and their fans. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Phew, I feel better. (Except not really, because none of that ranting changed anything.)

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